Linda Thomas founded Powerful Appearance in 1999 to leverage her expertise and knowledge inspiring women and men in the workplace.  She is a skilled and highly trained business consultant, instructional designer and speaker committed to empowering individuals working with the different generations and how you present yourself your best self. Previous clients include Toshiba Medical Systems, Texas Instruments, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Linda has more than two decades of expertise, knowledge and experience delivering memorable speeches and workshops before live and on-line audiences of all generations.  Whether presenting to seasoned professionals, new hires or college students ready to enter the workforce, she delivers information they will remember and use from that day forward.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, American Federal of Television and Radio Artists AFL-CIO. She is certified through The London Image Institute and was President of the Association of Image Consultants International-South Central USA Chapter 2006-2008.

A testament to her work was being named Member of the Year 2010 – South Central USA Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International.  She was also presented a Member of the Year Award by the National Speakers Association – North Texas Chapter in 2003. This prestigious award was given in honor of Linda’s contributions toward the promotion of the professional speaker industry and her success at increasing membership in the North Texas region of NSA.

Her community leadership in Dallas lead her to giving back to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program as an Executive Volunteer in business plan development and Guest Instructor for Dressing with Influence for Interviewing and more.  She has developed and produced storytelling events in Dallas through Truth & Daring Open Mic, After The Slammer: Story Slams and starting Tell Me More Stories: A Spoken Word Talent Show debuting March 18, 2017.

Over time in the field Linda found the colors people wear can mean the difference between a promotion, closing a deal, being influential and losing them all.  This motivated Linda to write the book, COLOR NATION: The Power of Color in Business and Leadership.   In her spare time, she is working to update to her first book, My Closet/My Boutique: How to Organize Your Image.  AND her miniature Schnauzer, Victor, makes sure she takes him on 2 walks every day she is home.