Women Like Men in Purple

Everywhere you go, you wear color. And every color you wear elicits both conscious and subconscious reactions in yourself and others.

Linda’s research has shown that women find men more interesting when they dress in a purple shirt or tie. In fact, a 2012 survey conducted by Ariel detergent company revealed that these men seem more approachable, and women are more likely to accept date requests from them.

Women Like Men in Purple

Purple is the combination of Blue (which represents trust and tends to relax others) and Red (excitement, power!) We tend to perceive others who wear purple clothing/accessories to be attentive, intuitive listeners. If taken too far, however, those same people may come off as moody, eccentric or non-conforming.

Skeptical? When Linda wrote COLOR NATION: The Power of Color in Business and Leadership she was amazed at the results some of her clients experienced.  Some examples:  Try a bit of purple in your wardrobe to see what happens!

  1. A woman approached a man at a networking event, intrigued that he was the only male in the room wearing purple. Their discussions confirmed that he was the most interesting man in the room (and a year later they are now married).
  2. As a personal experiment, a man began wearing purple to the office every Tuesday, and found that on those days his female co-workers made comments such as “He understands us,” “He gets how we operate this department,” and “We need more men like you around here.” He believed he had always had their best interests at heart, but when he wore purple it was easier for others to see that characteristic, as well.
  3. After serving a 9-year prison sentence, an ex-con was stunned by the number of women willing to initiate conversations with him, without the instant shrug-off he had come to expect, after he donned a purple shirt.

Wearing purple is just one example of how choosing certain colors in your wardrobe help you connect more easily with others and accomplish your day’s goals.

All people respond to color in a wide variety of ways, even when the impact is on a subconscious level. Linda can help YOUR group be more effective with each other and clients, RIGHT NOW.

(Disclaimer: Linda’s is NOT a presentation on Color Me Beautiful from the 1980’s. She assumes all her attendees are beautiful and are ready to move on to new revelations!)

Working & Living with All Generations Does Not Need to be “The Battle of The Generations”

Every generation has its own perspective—how they view the world or decide on actions to take, the shared memories of their immediate history. Linda understands that each generation is worth hearing, and delights in delving more deeply into interactions with ALL age groups.

Working & Living with All Generations Does Not Need to be “The Battle of The Generations”

Linda’s expertise will have the generations within your company working side-by-side, respecting each other’s different viewpoints and seeing each other in a new positive light. Civility is at the core of this work.

The Power of Your Appearance is Always On

No one gets a day off from being “yourself”. You are making an impression on someone even if you are working from home and even just seeing your own reflection in a mirror. Being a professional in a ‘business casual’ world is more of a challenge than ever before. There are lots of choices for both men and women currently. Having ONLY a closet full of favorites where there is no way to put on the wrong outfit is the easiest and yet least common way to handle this.

Then going onto to understand your own body language is communicating to others once you are out in the world in another powerful tool in being more compelling when you are with others.

When it comes to your appearance, you are always…

  • Connecting with others or not
  • Compelling to others or not
  • Communicating you are ready to connect and act or not
  • Wearing a color and it is influencing how others interact with you all day long
  • Convincing others who you are and what you can do for them today

Are you up-to-date, dynamic and authentic when you show up?

What is the Color of More Sales?

If you knew wearing a certain color to a sales meeting to close a new client would increase your closing ration by 10% this year would you wear it?

If the answer is “yes” then this topic is for you. Color Me Beautiful is dated, old and limiting. That information has been around since the book came out in 1980 and is no longer enough. The Power of Color is about being more effective and focused based on historical influences, living in North America, scents, foods, phrases, business logos, college colors, flags, shared memories, generational influences, Mother Nature and more.

What is the Color of More Sales?

Besides, you can’t go anywhere without wearing a color.  So you might as well learn how it is impacting your day, your goals and the people you want to influence.

Make your event more colorful!

Since 1999, Linda Thomas has been a skilled and highly trained speaker and business consultant who is committed to empowering women and men in the workplace by wearing color in a way that helps them accomplish the goals they want to achieve.

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